Legislative council nominations needed

With the 2010 general elections a week away, The American Legion National Legislative Commission is asking for Legion departments to begin preparing nominations for positions on the National Legislative Council.

During the recent Fall Meetings in Indianapolis, outgoing Legislative Commission Chairman James E. Koutz stressed the importance of the Legislative Council to members of the National Executive Committee.

“I cannot begin to tell you how important the council is to The American Legion’s legislative victories,” Koutz said. “I anticipate many changes within Congress, and therefore expect many changes in the National Legislative Council. ”

Each member of the council is tasked with serving as a liaison between a the Legion and a member of Congress. Koutz said the council is most effective, “when its members consist of Legionnaires with an personal relationship with their respective lawmakers.”

Koutz said the goal is to have the council in place by the start of the new session of Congress in January.