Why am I not receiving legislative news from The American Legion on a regular basis?


Without fail, at every convention, meeting and gathering of Legionnaires, the question arises, “What happened to the daily or weekly news I used to receive from the Legislative Division, and why am I not receiving it anymore?”

There are two answers for this. Previous editions of the Legion’s legislative news used to be sent from the Legislative Director’s local email contact list. As these directors retired or moved on, their personal contact lists were erased, and there was no way to recover them, identify who was receiving these updates, and who wasn’t. In other cases, some Legionnaires who are currently receiving the American Legion Legislative Update – our weekly electronic newsletter sent out on Mondays – don’t realize they are receiving the same type of information, only produced in a more professional and polished format.

We receive requests every day from individuals asking to be added to the Legislative Update’s mailing list. Please take a moment to forward this edition to members of your post, district, or department, who may be interested in receiving weekly news on what The American Legion is doing legislatively, and related issues on Capitol Hill.

There are a couple of ways that you can redistribute these updates:

1. By using the “Forward to a Friend” button
2. By forwarding the email itself using your local email client (Outlook, gmail, etc.)
3. By posting a copy of the update or link to the update in your local newsletters or e-publications

Please note, that if you choose to forward the Legislative Update locally, or cut and paste it into your newsletters, always remember to delete the “Subscriber Preferences” link at the bottom of the page -- unless you want to take the chance that someone you forward the update to will unsubscribe without your knowledge. This happens more than you know.

The “Subscribe” link, and “Forward” link are located at the bottom of the email. So when you do forward this to your colleagues, please let them know that they will need to “Subscribe” if they wish to receive the Legislative Update on their own.