Photo by James V. Caroll

Fall meetings produce new resolutions

While gathered in Indianapolis this week for Fall Meetings, the National Executive Committee passed a total of 50 resolutions, spanning Legion programs and positions both internally and externally.

The process of rescinding non-legislative policy resolutions (some going all the way back to the 1920s) no longer coinciding with the Legion's mission continued, as divisions and commissions seek to pare down the numbers of resolutions on their books. And numerous resolutions regarding annual Legion awards were presented by the Finance Commission for passage.

One of the biggest topics of discussion during the week was the federal budget, especially as it relates to national defense and military personnel. This was taken up by the National Security Commission. Resolution No. 1 encourages Washington to keep the defense budget at its current level. This resolution is accompanied by 10 pages' worth of addendums solidifying the message. Resolution No. 31 opposes changes to the current military-retirement system that lessen incentives to either enlist or remain in the military. Resolution No. 33 seeks a law to keep benefit packages agreed upon at enlistment the same throughout a servicemember's career, and at the same value.

Resolution No. 32, also from the National Security Commission, arose from National Commander Fang Wong's recent discussions in Washington about the Legion's troop-and-family support programs. It calls for the creation of a Family Support Outreach Program that will work with the Department of Defense for greater participation, coordination and public awareness.Other key resolutions, by commission:Economic

Resolution No. 37: supporting regulation of for-profit schools and state approving agencies.

Resolution No. 39: supporting an investigation of hiring practices in the federal government.Finance

Resolution No. 25: realignment of DMS program.National Security

Resolution No. 30: identify national interests before committing military forces and assets.

Resolution No. 41: policy to expand burial benefits to all National Guard and reservists with honorable discharge or those whose death occurred during service.

The full text of all the resolutions passed at the Fall Meetings can be accessed here.