Turn in entry forms for national history contests

The final stage of the National Post History Contest will take place at National Headquarters in Indianapolis during Fall Meetings, Oct. 15-18, where entries in the Narrative and Yearbook categories will be judged by a group of past and present department and national historians. Eligible entries are those which took first place in their respective department contests earlier this year, and they must be certified as such by the department historian.

The National Department History Contest, for the best Narrative and Yearbook entries by department historians, also will take place during Fall Meetings; these can be submitted to National Headquarters directly from the historian after compilation.

Entry forms for both contests must be submitted to National Headquarters by Sept. 15. The books must arrive at National Headquarters before judging begins at 8 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 15. Contact your department historian for more information; a directory of departments can be found here.