Newly available digital collection provides fresh glimpse into Legion history

As the 100th anniversary of The American Legion approaches, it is time to reflect on the many accomplishments of the Legion since 1919, and wonder what occurred during those formative years and the broader impact of those decisions. One of the best original sources of American Legion history is the summary of proceedings that is issued by National Headquarters after each national meeting, which includes discussion during the meeting, resolutions, and reports from committees and commissions. The American Legion National Library is happy to announce that the proceedings and annual reports to Congress from 1919 to the present are now available on the Digital Archive. This expanded collection contains 434 proceedings and reports amounting to nearly 82,000 pages.

The proceedings chronicle the founding and achievements of the organization over nearly a century, through coverage of major events in Legion history like the 1927 pilgrimage to France, the establishment of Legion programs, and passage of the GI Bill and other advocacy for veterans and their families. Additional highlights include speeches from prominent leaders in The American Legion and historical figures ranging from U.S. presidents to top ranking military leaders.

The resolutions considered by each meeting are also found in this collection. The meeting proceedings provide some historical context and background for the passage of resolutions, but do not represent the current policies and direction of the organization. Current policies of The American Legion are found in the Resolutions collection on the Digital Archive.