I Am The American Legion: Bob Sussan

Bob Sussan has been part of every Legacy Run since 2006, and the Virginia Legionnaire is now in his third year as the ride’s chief road captain.

Along the way, Sussan has met Gold Star parents who lost sons and daughters in war. He’s seen grandmothers and granddaughters alike approach Legion Riders with donations “for the cause” – raising money for the Legacy Scholarship Fund, which supports the children of fallen and 50-percent-or-higher disabled post-9/11 servicemembers.

What stands out to him about the Legacy Run, though, is the men and women who participate in it. 

“These guys actually take vacation, and some of them don’t have any other vacation,” he says. “They’re doing it for the children of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. This is ingrained in these Riders. They want to make sure we always take care of the children.” 

Sussan, who helped charter the Legion Riders chapter at Post 177 in Fairfax, Va., says they’re sometimes initially misunderstood. But count on the Riders to quickly demonstrate their worth. 

“The Riders is one of the most proactive groups in most posts, and I think that holds true across the nation,” he says. “They’re passionate about Operation Comfort Warriors when they’re doing an OCW event, but they can easily switch gears to the Legacy Scholarship Fund.”


That energy and activity make a difference. “There are a lot of things the Riders do that really get the Legion’s name out there. These guys and girls ... truly live their cause.”

Branch of ServiceArmy (1970-1977)

MOS Forensics

Rank Sergeant

American Legion PostPost 177, Fairfax, Va. 

Years in the Legion 11


Veterans Activities

  • Post commander (2006-2011)
  • Department Riders chairman (2011-2014)
  • Department historian (2014-2015)
  • Department membership chairman (2015-present)
  • American Legion Riders Advisory Committee (2011-present, chairman 2015-present)