Election integrity, the cybersecurity employment gap and more in October magazine

Election integrity, the cybersecurity employment gap and more in October magazine

The October issue of The American Legion Magazine is now online, with features on Americans’ eroding faith in election fairness, veterans as a solution to the cybersecurity employment gap, National Commander Dan Seehafer’s vision for a strong American Legion and more. The clickable digi-mag is available through MyLegion.org.

• In “A Vote of No Confidence,” Alan Greenblatt looks at the growing split on election integrity, and why millions of Americans say they’re less than confident their votes in next year’s presidential election will be counted accurately. “We’re a very divided nation,” says Christy McCormick, who chairs the Federal Election Commission. “The closer the election the more you’re going to be skeptical, unless your candidate wins.”

• Dan Kunze, vice chairman of Task Force Movement, talks about how veterans are uniquely suited to fill the cybersecurity industry’s urgent need for skilled professionals – and calls for a more seamless military-to-civilian transition in technology fields. Watch an American Legion Tango Alpha Lima podcast episode featuring Kunze here.

• National Commander Dan Seehafer believes there’s an urgency to belong to The American Legion now, to amplify its voice in Washington and reach even more veterans who are hurting or at risk. “I truly believe this organization impacts lives like no other,” says Seehafer, who pastors St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Horicon, Wis., and a former Navy chaplain. “It changes lives, and it saves lives. As I always say, it’s personal.” 

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