Digital Dispatch now available

Digital Dispatch now available

Digital Dispatch E-newsletter

The American Legion Magazine Division has taken one of its leading print publications and turned it into an online user-friendly tool. Digital Dispatch, the online version of Dispatch, will provide high-quality information faster and more frequently here. It will also allow all post, district and department leaders to have access to materials that will help them manage their posts, fulfill consolidated post reports, increase membership, submit award entries, and communicate with each other and National Headquarters.

Digital Dispatch has many of the same features as the current print version. These include Taps, Dateline Capitol Hill, the national commander’s and adjutant’s message, monthly calendar, ‘Why I Love My Post’ and more. But new features include:

DSO Corner:

Have a question about your claim? Ask an American Legion accredited service officer.

D.C. and Indy Insider:

Read on a weekly basis how National Headquarters staff is supporting veterans, job fairs, membership initiatives and more.

Leadership Q&A:

Share best practices, ask the national adjutant a question or submit a question to be asked. Visit the Q&A section here to join the discussion about successful membership drives that your post orchestrated over the past year.

Resource section:

Get quick access to membership tools, resolutions, veterans event planning materials and speeches, and post guides and handbooks.

Additionally, a monthly Digital Dispatch e-newsletter will be sent to leaders who register for it. It will contain a roundup of top headlines with clickable links to the actual stories. Visit here to register for the e-newsletter. Online Dispatch and the e-newsletter are free of charge.

Meanwhile, those who currently receive the printed Dispatch will continue to do so, but it will take on a new form, starting with the January issue. Instead of its current newspaper style, Dispatch will be reformatted into a succinct, colorful newsletter that informs readers and guides them to online services. Dispatch will continue to focus on news and information relevant to leadership, and it will still be mailed monthly.