Made in Hollywood by veterans
Hollywood Post 43 was the first Legion post featured on "Our Post," a show produced by We Are The Mighty to tell the stories of Legionnaires and posts nationwide.

Made in Hollywood by veterans

American Legion National Commander Mike Helm has emphasized the importance of welcoming and supporting the post-9/11 generation of veterans and their families. While the Legion’s timeless values resonate with military members from World War II to the current global war on terrorism, today’s tech-savvy veterans use digital media to create and share content relevant to their lives.

In an effort to reach these younger veterans, The American Legion is working with We Are The Mighty (WATM), the first media and lifestyle brand for, by and about the military community. Launched in November 2014, it showcases their talents, accomplishments and interests through relevant entertaining and informative content in order to celebrate military life, empower the community, broaden awareness and eliminate stereotypes.

From this relationship comes “Our Post,” a series which shares unexpected stories and encounters from various Legion posts across the United States.

“We think these stories will resonate with young veterans and get them interested in wanting to know more about the Legion and wanting to be part of its future,” Helm said.

Hosted by young Marine Corps veteran and actor Johnny Jenkinson, “Our Post” starts at historic Post 43 in Hollywood, Calif., and traverses the United States to tell compelling stories and experiences of Legion members while breaking down outdated stereotypes. Viewers young and old, veteran and civilian, will relate to the human side of the many fascinating, funny and authentic people who make The American Legion one of the country’s most respected institutions.

“We have a unique opportunity to capture their attention with great stories about the many Legion families whose rich history and service has shaped the fabric of our country,” Helm commented. “Our Post” premiered May 12. The first four episodes can be viewed in a dedicated area on the WATM website: