Military shows, kidney stones and a beer app highlight new podcast

Military shows, kidney stones and a beer app highlight new podcast

Join the growing community of Tango Alpha Lima fans by downloading, subscribing and listening to The American Legion’s new podcast.

In each episode, Tango Alpha Lima co-hosts and post 9/11 veterans Mark Seavey, Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado and Jeff Daly engage in vibrant camaraderie, playful joking and hot takes. The group explores current events, interesting trends and quirky stories of interest to the military community.

Download, listen to the new episode and discover:

• Why the Grand Canyon, boat trips and kidney stones are a bad combination for Seavey.

• The co-hosts’ favorite military-themed television shows, including one featuring an “old grizzled Marine Corps drill instructor read and answer mail.”

• The risks involved in servicemembers using an app for beer lovers.


You can find more information and links to all episodes in both audio and video formats, by visiting Even better, you can subscribe for free so you never miss an episode. Here’s how:

Subscribe on your phone: Locate the Podcast app on your phone, open it and search for Tango Alpha Lima. Tap the logo and then hit “Subscribe.”

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Other apps: Tango Alpha Lima is also available on other sites such as Spotify and Stitcher where you can find podcasts.

Watch and listen: Another option is to watch the podcast video. Each episode is on The American Legion’s YouTube playlist for Tango Alpha Lima.