HearPO offers discounts to Legion family

HearPO, one of the largest providers of hearing health-care programs in the United States, has signed an agreement with The American Legion and Sons of The American Legion. Under the agreement, Legionnaires and Sons, as well as their immediate family members, can obtain discounted hearing-care services and hearing aids, along with other benefits provided by more than 2,700 HearPO-credentialed clinics across the country.

"We are especially proud to offer HearPO benefits to nearly 3 million veterans of our nation’s armed forces and their family members," said Michele Fusco, senior vice president of medical business operations. "Legionnaires have given so much to our country, and they continue to do wonderful work in the communities where they live. It is a great honor for HearPO to be a preferred provider for such a highly regarded organization on behalf of its members."

Many military veterans struggle with hearing loss as a result of exposure to noise and other factors, Fusco noted. "We aim to make it as easy and affordable as possible for them to access high-quality, potentially life-changing hearing health care," she said.

Legion Director of Membership Support Services Greg Roth said he believes the HearPO program will be welcomed by Legionnaires.

"Damage to hearing has been a battlefield risk ever since the invention of explosives and artillery," he said. "And it’s not just older members who are suffering. We’re seeing significant hearing loss in servicemembers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, often due to roadside bombings and firefights. The American Legion is committed to finding relief for members of all ages, and HearPO will play a significant role in helping us make it happen."

Some restrictions and exclusions apply. Read more about the plan and its benefits online at www.hearpo.com/legion or call (877) 381-9981.