The eagle incentive has landed

Six American Legion departments showing the highest percentage of membership gain in their respective size categories between Oct. 9 and May 8 of this year will receive a metallic eagle statue (pictured above).

The Commander Dellinger Eagle Award will be awarded to the top department in each Big Twelve category showing the largest percentage of membership growth between the 55- and 100-percent target dates. A seventh eagle will be presented to the national vice commander whose region displayed has the highest percentage of membership gain during the same period.

The Big Twelve categories are:

Category I – departments of 100,000 or more members

Category II – departments of 65,000- 99,999 members

Category III – departments of 40,0000 - 64,999 members

Category IV – departments of 25,000 - 39,999 members

Category V – departments of 10,000 - 24,999 members

Category VI – departments of 9,999 or less members