New, simplified PUFL program FAQs

New, simplified PUFL program FAQs

Question: What is a Paid Up For Life Membership?

Answer: Paid Up For Life membership is a lifelong membership plan of The American Legion. It ensures you receive all the benefits of Legion membership for life. Lifetime membership is paid either in one payment giving you an immediate savings offer – or charged to your credit card in 12 equal monthly payments. Once you fulfill your membership dues, you’ll never pay another dime in American Legion membership dues.

Question: Why should I become a Paid Up For Life Member?

Answer: The PUFL program was established as a self-sustaining membership program for those Legionnaires who wish to have a life membership. It was designed to provide a more convenient membership program for comrades who moved frequently and maintained a summer and winter mailing address. However, because of the popularity of the program, it was expanded beyond that to those members who felt it was a honor and distinction to say they were a Paid Up For Life member in The American Legion.

Question: How is my cost calculated?

Answer: Age is the primary component used in the new pricing structure. In most cases, post dues are NOT a factor in the calculation.

Paid Up for Life Pricing – Effective June 2016
(For post dues of $48.00 or less)

If a post’s annual dues are $48.01 or higher, the rate chart does not apply. In that case, the online calculator, located at, will provide the correct amount to be charged.

Question: What if my post’s dues increase?

Answer: Being a Paid Up For Life member will protect you from any future dues increases at the post, department or national levels. That alone can save hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your membership.

Question: What about my subscription to The American Legion Magazine and other member benefits?

Answer: As a Paid Up For Life member, you’ll have a life-time subscription, plus, you’ll receive all active benefits of American Legion membership for life. Once your lifetime membership dues are paid in full, you’ll receive a permanent plastic card identifying you as a lifetime member. You’ll also receive an annual American Legion membership card each year.

Question: Am I eligible?

Answer: Anyone who is currently an American Legion member or who is eligible for membership may become a Paid Up For Life member.

Question: Why does Paid Up For Life seem to cost more than other organizations’ "life" memberships?

Answer: First of all, Paid Up For Life membership is not a discount program. National Headquarters maintains a special Paid Up For Life Membership trust. Each year the trust pays annual dues amounts to your post, department and national organization in order to maintain the programs that The American Legion is involved in at all levels. Though we can’t speak with authority on how other organizations set up their "life" memberships, they may not pay annual dues to the local, state and national organizations, resulting in a different cost structure.

Many of our members who purchase a Paid Up For Life feel it is a way to show commitment to an organization that is approaching 100 years of giving and service to our Nation’s veterans, families and their communities. It has been said, “it is not the amount you pay to become a member but the price you paid to be eligible.” And more importantly, what The American Legion has given to this Nation for almost 100 years.

Question: Can a post purchase a Paid Up For Life membership for someone?

Answer: Some posts purchase a Paid Up For Life membership for their long-time members, and in calculating the cost to remit, the authorizing post officers may choose to leave out some or all of their share of the post dues...this will reduce the amount to submit with the application. If this is an option being considered by the post, the post adjutant will contact Customer Service for the correct fee.

Question: Do I have to provide my credit card information online?

Answer: No. After receiving a rate quote online at a print option is available for the application. It will be pre-filled with the member’s name, address, birth date, ID number and total cost of PUFL membership. The application and payment information is then mailed to National Headquarters at the address on the form.

Question: What if I want to transfer to another post?

Answer: You may transfer your Paid Up For Life membership to another participating post, as long as the gaining post agrees to your transfer. Each post is a judge of their own membership and normal transfer procedures need to be followed.

Question: How do I become a Paid Up For Life member?

Answer: It’s easy. Just go to and enter your name and member ID. You can either choose to pay by credit card or print out the personalized form and mail it in with your check.

Question: What if I still have questions?

Answer: Call our customer service phone number: (800) 433-3318 (Monday – Friday).