Donations during Spring Meetings top $210,000
American Legion Past National Commander James E. Koutz presents donations for the Legion's Operation Comfort Warriors program on behalf of the Department of Indiana during the NEC meeting. (Photo by Lucas Carter)

Donations during Spring Meetings top $210,000

Donations for American Legion programs that support veterans, servicemembers and their families poured in during the organization's annual Spring Meetings.

During the Legion's National Executive Committee meeting May 10 at National Headquarters in Indianapolis, more than $81,000 was donated between four American Legion departments.

Past National Commander James E. Koutz presented checks from the Department of Indiana that totaled more than $59,897 for Operation Comfort Warriors (OCW); the Department of Michigan donated $8,711 to OCW and $108 to the Child Welfare Foundation (CWF); the Department of Mississippi donated $6,000 to the National Emergency Fund (NEF), $4,250 to CWF and $550 to OCW; and the Department of West Virginia donated $1,500 to the Endownment Fund, which supports the Temporary Financial Assistance program and service officer training – the two fundraising programs of National Commander Charles Schmidt.

Meanwhile, the Sons of The American Legion also made significant donations toward American Legion programs during their Spring Meetings last Saturday in Indianapolis. Donations inlcuded $111,457 to CWF, which brings the Sons total contribution to the program this year to nearly $470,000; $9,850 to NEF; $1,000 to the Endowment Fund; $6,940 to OCW and $300 to the Legacy Scholarship Fund.