August Impact: Legion adapts and overcomes
National Commander James W. "Bill" Oxford walks for 100 Miles for Hope.

August Impact: Legion adapts and overcomes

The month of August 2020 was all about improvisation, adapting and overcoming in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has restricted large gatherings and in-person services across the country.

Veterans of The American Legion did not waver from their mission to strengthen communities, states and the nation during the month. In place of the national Legacy Run to raise funds for the American Legion Legacy Scholarship, in-state and virtual rides sprang into action, providing needed college money to the children of military personnel who have died on active duty since 9/11 or became 50 percent or greater disabled.

The 100 Miles for Hope program – in which participants are called upon to register and log 100 miles by foot, pedal, oar or however they wish – by Veterans Day kicked off in August with more than 3,400 who pledged to help the American Legion Veterans and Children Foundation in a safe, fun and healthy way.

The American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation and Employment and Education programs participated in virtual events, connecting with thousands. And a four-day virtual membership workshop drew hundreds for each of its four days of training in August.

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