New myLegion coming in December

New myLegion coming in December

In mid-December, a new will be released for American Legion members and officers. This release involves change to access and security.

Current administrative officers for myLegion include:

- Post and squadron adjutants

- County commanders

- District commanders

MyLegion users are probably familiar with the current architecture where one online profile exists for access to your personal member information, as well as another one for access to your post membership and electronic roster, and being able to process membership, print lists/labels, etc.

The new myLegion will be driven by one account profile associated with the email address on the administrative officer’s personal membership record. Once logged into the new myLegion, administrative officers will see options to update their personal membership record and work with online post membership tools. Those select officers will also be able to grant authority to others that need access to online rosters and reports.

An email address will be required on the administrative officer’s membership record to access the new myLegion, and all existing accounts will need to be registered. The registration process will send a one-time password (OTP) code to your email address. The OTP code will be required to complete the registration process.

To make sure the most up-to-date email address is on file for your personal membership record, visit and choose “Members Click Here.” You can also call American Legion customer service at (833) 253-9995 to update your information, or email us at

For more details about the new myLegion site, visit and click on the “Training Tuesdays” tab. Once on the Training Tuesdays page you will see “myLegion 2021” with video presentation/Q&A below. Watch the video session that provides instruction to post adjutants on how to set up log-in credentials and display a preview of the new officer’s dashboard and membership tools.

Please continue to visit as more training videos will be uploaded for the new myLegion.