A Call to Action: 90 percent retention by March 15
Photo by Ash Ponders/The American Legion

A Call to Action: 90 percent retention by March 15

Retention is a top membership priority for The American Legion as highlighted by National Commander Bill Oxford’s goal for a 90 percent retention rate. To achieve Oxford's goal, a Call to Action was put forth by the national commander: for all Legionnaires to contact, engage and renew at least 90 percent of the 2019 and 2020 expirees between now and March 15.

"Leadership is being a good communicator," said Oxford during a call last month with regional and national leadership. "The secret, if we expect to get back on track, is to get our message out. We have to make the value of American Legion membership loud and clear. Our job as leaders is to create the excitement and enthusiasm and willingness to do the things necessary to retain every Legion member.

“Retention is about leadership. And leadership is about communication.”

How to meet this Call to Action:

- Access rosters for expired, non-renewed members through MyLegion.org.

- Contact and renew those expired members.

- Transmit renewal dues immediately to department/national.

National Headquarters staff conducted a Training Tuesday session in late January on retention. Watch the video presentation and access the PowerPoint slides on the Training Tuesday web page, legion.org/training/training-tuesdays.

“Something that I would like for all of us to keep in mind, regardless of the color of hat we wear or the position we may hold, is that we are first and foremost members of an American Legion post,” said Jay Bowen, Membership & Post Activities Committee chairman, during regional calls. “So it is not just (the post’s) responsibility to get membership, to get renewals. It is our responsibility to get membership and renewals.

“It’s the leadership of getting this done – to get these Legionnaires to renew.”