rollout issues being fixed rollout issues being fixed

The new rolled out April 1 resulted in some data and workflow issues. Those issues are being addressed and fixed as quickly as possible.

Below are the currently known issues that are in process of being resolved. You can click here to stay updated on when issues have been fixed and for an estimated time of when they will be. Please know that The American Legion is working diligently to resolve each item based upon the severity and business impact, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

Issues being fixed:

- Cache clearing issue when using a shared computer

- Duplicate accounts caused by multiple registrations

- Duplicate lines – online transmittal for transfers

- Failure to receive the One Time Password (OTP)

- Roster load limits

- Dual membership not merged

- Member transfer - expires

- Adjutants cannot print member ID cards

- Cannot correct transfer amount due

- Committee positions

- Display issues related to permissions

- “Active” deceased count

If you are still having trouble with an issue that is marked as resolved, please email