training resources for member use training resources for member use

Now that the new is live, training resources are available to help registered users understand and access the membership tools available.

Five videos cover how to:

1. Get started on

2. Manage your account

3. Manage your groups

4. Process membership

5. Create group administrative tasks

MY GROUPS help for American Legion and Sons officers show how to:

- Assign group permission

- Email members

- Conduct a global member search

- Manage member information

- Process membership

- Create reports and labels

- View members

- Print member rosters

- Access brochures, officer manuals and speeches

- Access the Consolidated Post Report and Consolidated Squadron Report

Registered member account help with:

- Address

- Email

- Membership card

- Discounts

- Membership renewal

- Login password and username

- Subscription management is a free, secure website for American Legion members, Sons of The American Legion members, and post, district and department officers.

Learn more about the new here.