videos answer sign-in questions, help manage your account videos answer sign-in questions, help manage your account

The American Legion’s rollout of the new platform has been a significant undertaking – millions of records were transferred from the old system, while tens of thousands of lines of new code has been created. American Legion National IT staff are working diligently to resolve all reported issues with the new platform that are received from phone calls and the email. The American Legion IT staff is keeping its members well informed on when known issues have been fixed or an estimated time of when they will be. See the entire list here.

Your understanding and patience with response time is appreciated.

George Lussier from the Department of Virginia currently serves on the Legion’s IT Oversight Committee and the National Finance Commission. He shares why the transition to a new platform had to be made to help The American Legion meet the needs of its members now and in the future.

“We have aging systems. We have systems that do not talk to each other and share data that needs to be shared. The older systems are not efficient and reaching an age where we will no longer be able to support them. And when the project is completed, The American Legion will have a system in place that is responsive to the needs of its membership.

“It’s a learning experience for all of us. I just ask everybody to bear with it. It’s going to get better, and it’s going to keep us from multiple failures in the not-too-distant future with the systems we had in place.”

Account access 

A common problem reported to is account access.

This registration error can be solved by following the step-by-step instructions here. The email that national has on file with your membership record is the one that must be used to sign in or create a profile. Do not share your email. Only one email can be registered because all accounts are individual member accounts. If you are using the correct email and still can't log in, clear your internet browsing history.

Five videos are available that cover how to get registered and manage your account. “These videos are extremely helpful and very valuable,” said Richard Oertel, Department of Virginia District 11 adjutant, during the department’s membership and adjutant’s meeting Tuesday evening.

The five videos are:

1. Get started on

2. Manage your account

3. Manage your groups

4. Process membership

5. Create group administrative tasks

Tune in May 25 for updates

On Tuesday, May 25, staff overseeing the transition will discuss some of these pressing known issues, when they will be resolved, account registration, membership processing and reports. Tune in May 25 at 7 p.m. EST to the Training Tuesday session on A link to attend the training through Microsoft Teams will be available at

Reporting needs being resolved

Before sending an email to, check to see if the problem you have is one of the following that the data team is currently focusing on to resolve. Lussier and the Department of Virginia have created a team of a few department leaders to be the point person for questions from the post level up that they gather and then field to National Headquarters. 

·       Incorrect date on transmittal history

·       Membership reports

·       Revitalization reports

·       Department fundraising extracts

·       Groups missing

·       Updating continuous years

·       Address change error when original was NULL

·       New post/squadron adds and cancellations

·       Updating email and website for posts

·       2020 dues not realized

·       SSO IMS customer ID not updating

·       TALMA product issues

·       NCOA processing

·       SAP business objects errors

·       Hand keyed DMS

·       Foreign phone numbers too short

·       Foreign post transfer issue

·       Newsletter add error reported by post

·       DMS Fulfillment process

·       Valid email address required errors for valid emails

·       Department transmittal performance issue

·       Page and attribute caching issues

·       Department management of admin accounts

·       Magazine extracts

·       Department Service Officers missing department

·       Payment schedule for new PUFL time pays

·       Unable to process PUFL full pay

·       Fix email issues – dupes and appended