How-to training on gives answers

How-to training on gives answers

American Legion National Headquarters staff conducted a Training Tuesday session the evening of May 25 regarding – the reason for the new platform; known issues and their status; registration process; member management; membership processing; and reports and rosters.

Libby Vickers, product support specialist with, gave the presentation and shared that the previous membership system was aged and expensive to maintain. With the new system in place, The American Legion now has a membership interface that will meet the needs of its members. “While many find this change or any change frustrating, the move to a more flexible environment is imperative to keep us operational as we move into the future,” Vickers said.

Frustration has mounted from data missing and not available with membership and reports. As Vickers mentioned during the training, over 100 million records were migrated from the old system to the new one; and tens of thousands of lines of code was created to make up what is visible on the new platform.


1. Group access denied/posts or squadrons not appearing: This is primarily caused when registering a new account with an email address that does not match the email address on the member record. Please use the email address associated with your member account during registration so data and access permissions can be assigned correctly.​

Status: In progress. The team is working to resolve those who are still experiencing this issue.

2. Cannot update bank account information in My Group profile: Email to remove current bank account information. Finalizing the next transmittal will allow you to enter new bank account information.​

Status: In progress. This is currently in development to allow entities to manage their own bank information.​

3. Cannot see over 200 members in roster.

Status: In progress

4. Continuous years missing or incorrect on roster.

Status: In progress

See the entire list of known issues and their status here


American Legion leadership, post and Sons of The American Legion squadron membership is accessed through the individual account. accounts are to be registered with the email address on your individual membership record that National Headquarters has on file. Registering with an email not listed as your primary email will not provide access to membership details, leadership resources or permissions.

​To register an account, visit and click “Register” in the upper right-hand corner.

If you are a Sons member who had a previous squadron adjutant account on MySAL, you will need to register for an account on MySAL is no longer available.


Adjutants and commanders at the post, squadron, county, district and detachment level have access to My Groups. These administrative officers have authority to assign permission to others.

My Groups provides the capability to:

- Export and print electronic membership roster​.

- Email members. ​

- View and edit member information​.

- Access membership functions such as view members, members renewed online, registered members, global member lookup, reports and labels, process membership, Consolidated Post Reports and Consolidated Squadron Reports, and officer materials​.

Consolidated Post Reports and Consolidated Squadron Reports are restricted to adjutants only for 2020-2021. The reports are now available through to access. All information entered in these reports by posts and squadrons prior to the interface change has been converted over.

Commanders and assigned administrators will have access to CPRs and CSRs in phase 2 of


Online membership processing is only available for post and squadrons. To renew a member expired longer than one year – begin with add or transfer member. If they want to submit past dues, contact department headquarters. If a member has been expired for more than five years, you would enter them as a new member.

For a step-by-step guide on how to process membership and transmittals, visit in the next few days for the Training Tuesday PowerPoint presentation. 

Important notes on membership processing:

- Previous transmittal history​ is in progress to be available soon.

- Payment information is not converted from the previous platform. So after finalizing the first transmittal, a hold will prevent a second submission until the first transmittal completes. This hold is to ensure payment information is stored correctly and to prevent multiple declines in the event the first transmittal is rejected.

- To update payment information, contact MyLegion support by email to

- Declined Transmittals​ will require new bank information to be entered prior submitting the next batch.

- Processing time​ is three to nine days.

- There is a $10,000 batch limit​ for transmittal. Amounts higher than that should be broken down to separate transmittals that meet the limit.

- Transmittals are to be finalized within 14 days​. Open transmittals not submitted within 14 days will be sent a reminder and then are deleted if no action is taken. All transmittals will then have to be re-entered. When transmittals are done in the timely manner, members will not receive future renewal notices, and they will receive their membership card in a timely.


- Members renewed online​ is expected to be ready the first week of June.

- Paid and headquarters transfer report also is expected to be ready the first week of June.  

- Expired listing ​

- Deceased member history​

- CPR summary​ for district and county

- Detachment reports​

For more help on how to use, please visit