update: membership renewals and workshop update: membership renewals and workshop

In the first six days of an American Legion membership renewal notice emailed to DMS members early this month, 300 Legionnaires renewed through their account. Registered members of have the ability through their account to renew membership online or set up automatic membership renewal.

If you have not created a account, please follow the steps here to set one up. 

A convenience of the new platform is that American Legion posts can update post profile information directly through A Post Data Report no longer has to be summitted via mail. When updating or adding to a post profile, please make sure the following are featured to maintain up-to-date information:

- Address (including correct city)  

- Dues rate 

A new addition to the platform is hand scanner capabilities for departments and posts to facilitate more rapid building of membership transmittals. American Legion IT staff worked with the departments of Pennsylvania and Michigan to design and test this enhancement prior to the 2022 membership renewal cycle. 

For known issues of, American Legion IT staff are working quickly to identify and resolve issues as they are reported. Please continue to email if you are experiencing problems. 


A comprehensive training session on the new platform will be presented by American Legion National IT staff on Monday, Aug. 30 from 9-11 a.m., and from 2-4 p.m in Phoenix during the 102nd National Convention. The training will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center, West Building, Lecture Hall, 200 Level. This training will also be virtual for anyone not at convention to attend.   

Pre-registration at the Media & Communications booth located in the Exhibit Hall is required as seats are limited.

Training is available on the new MyLegion web application for American Legion and Sons of The American Legion members. Each session includes the following: 

Register an account: Learn how to register a account. All accounts are registered with the email on your member record.  Not sure if you have an email on file? Stop by the Information Technology booth in the Exhibit Hall prior to these sessions.

Manage your account: As a member of The American Legion and/or Sons of The American Legion, you can manage your membership account online.  Become familiar with navigating your account to view updated contact information and demographic information, manage subscriptions, view discounts, set up auto-renew, print your membership card, and other member-only tools.

Access leadership tools: As of April 1, all accounts are individual accounts. Adjutants and commanders have access to My Groups through their member account. Learn how to navigate the administrative side of to manage post and squadron membership information, view reports, access materials and process memberships, along with how to assign others permission to use administrative tools.