Renew members through

Renew members through

American Legion post and Sons of The America Legion squadron commanders and adjutants with administrative access to can process membership renewals through the site.

To start, click “Process Membership” on the left-hand navigation menu. The member list will appear for you to search members, export a roster or send emails. The member list includes all members with a last paid years for current year, minus two. Click “Add/Modify Transmittal” at top right to begin renewal.

The listing in post transmittal only displays names of members eligible for current renewal and one previous year.  The renewal year column is the year of eligible renewal. Paid members will not display in this listing.

1. Search for the member and click the box to the left of their renewal year. The member is added to the transmittal batch and summary re-calculates. The total amount due equals the department and national per capita only.

2. Click the save button for the transmittal to be saved and finalized on a later date. Transmittals are to be finalized within 14 days from the date opened. 

Members who have let their membership expire for longer than one year do not display in the post transmittal listing. To renew those members:

1. Click Add/Transfer Member. The eligible renewal year for these members is current year only. 

2. Select current or former member. Then click continue.

3. Enter the member ID number and last name. Then click continue.

Your expired member is now added to your transmittal. 

The database conversion resulted in some member ID changes, mostly with Sons members. If an error occurs when adding a member ID, contact your department or National Headquarters to verify the correct member ID.