Nine Legion QR codes to download and use

Nine Legion QR codes to download and use

QR codes are everywhere – on business cards, in restaurants for contactless menus, flyers, etc. – to drive people to websites, social media platforms and more. 

Nine QR codes that direct to pages were created for posts, districts and departments to use for flyers, brochures and other marketing purposes.

Download the QR codes here.

The QR codes drive people to the following Legion web pages: join, renew, Be the One, donate, find a post, find a service officer, The American Legion Media Alliance, Veterans & Children Foundation and

Additionally, the following information on how to create and use a QR code was shared by Holly Soria, visual arts manager for the national Media and Communications Division, during The American Legion Media Alliance virtual training session Oct. 5.

How to scan a QR code

1.     Open the built-in camera app on your phone

2.     Point the camera at the QR code

3.     Tap the banner that appears on the screen

Sites to create a QR code

·       QRCode Monkey,

·       QR Code Generator,

·       QR Stuff,

·       Beaconstac,

·       Canva, (Canva users can use the app within the software to generate QR codes in their designs.) 

How to use QR codes in your post

·       Print a code on a brochure or restaurant receipt to send users to your membership or events page.

What to avoid when using QR codes

·       Don’t place codes in locations without wi-fi or cellular data access. Without a signal, users won’t be able to scan the code.

·       Going too big or too small with the QR code can cause scanning errors. Research what size is best for your media.

·       Don’t put it on the web. Visitors on your site are already there and scanning a QR code is harder than tapping a link. The same applies for email.

·       Don’t send users to a page that is cluttered. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile.

·       Warn users before directing them to pages with auto-play media so they can adjust volume.