USIC pledges American Legion membership for veteran employees
American Legion National Treasurer Shawn Long speaks at USIC Headquarters in Indianapolis at a Veterans Day ceremony on November 11, 2022. Photo by Hilary Ott

USIC pledges American Legion membership for veteran employees

During a Veterans Day ceremony at its national headquarters in Indianapolis, US Infrastructure Company (USIC) strengthened its company commitment to military and veteran employees. During the ceremony, USIC Vice President of Corporate Affairs David Parker announced a donation to The American Legion and a pledge to pay for a year of membership in The American Legion for all eligible employees. 

“USIC is pleased to make a donation to The American Legion today, in support of its vision of Veterans Strengthening America,” said Parker. “USIC is also proud to honor all future and current employees who are veterans by paying their first year’s membership dues for joining The American Legion, to ensure they gain access to the range of service, guidance and advocacy that the organization provides.”

American Legion National Treasurer Shawn Long was the keynote speaker during the ceremony. “I hope that all the veterans that are here today find a good American Legion post they can consider a second home,” he said. “USIC’s commitment to veterans and their employees is evident through their gracious donation, and by making it easier for veterans to join with The American Legion, and we truly appreciate that support.”

After signing a renewal of the ESGR Statement of Support on behalf of the company, Parker spoke more about the company’s commitment to their military and veteran employees.

“At USIC, we are proud to have over 1,000 veterans among us,” he said. “This year we launched a military recruitment program to continue to add transitioning servicemembers, veterans, and members of the Guard and reserve to our ranks.”

USIC is the largest provider of utility damage prevention services in North America, with operations in 48 states and Canada. Nearly 10% of more than 12,000 underground utility damage prevention professionals make up their workforce.

“Our company culture, the independent nature of the job, the importance of the work we do for the nation align well with a military background,” Parker continued. “At USIC, we recognize and value the skills, discipline and character gained by serving in the military, and are proud to provide veterans an opportunity to continue serving the nation through the protection of critical underground infrastructure and our communities.”

USIC employees can visit to apply for reimbursement of their membership dues.