Hill offering District Christmas Bonus

Districts that surpass their Dec. 31, 2008, membership totals will receive a monetary award as part of National Commander Clarence Hill's District Christmas Bonus award.

Any district that exceeds its membership standing by at least 1 percent or greater by Dec. 31, 2009, will receive a monetary check on behalf of National Commander Clarence Hil;, recognizing the hard work and effort. For each 1-percent increase over last year's membership, an additional $50 will be awarded.

Districts qualify for this award when they exceed their Dec. 31, 2008, membership total, but they must accomplish this by Dec. 31, 2009, or be disqualified. The reward check will be sent to the department for distribution at an appropriate time.

Below is an example of how the program works for a district with 500 members.

2-percent increase to 510 members - $100 award

3-percent increase to 515 - $150

4-percent increase to 520 - $200

5-percent increase to 525 - $250