How does the library at National Headquarters reflect The American Legion’s mission?

In the decades before computers became a common feature of the workplace, the library’s holdings were intended to support national staff in their daily work. Topics ranged from reference materials to foreign policy to public speaking, and material relating to war periods of The American Legion. Some of these selections remain today.

The library also acquires books relating to specific programs, activities or priorities of the national organization. Over the years, collections have been gathered on everything from the threat of communism in the United States and abroad, the American Revolution, the Liberty Bell, how celebrate patriotic holidays, as well as other topics relating to the nation’s bicentennial, which the Legion was deeply involved in promoting..

Although the 12,000-volume-strong library is a living facility, with books being accessioned and deaccessioned as the need arises, it continues – following the wording in the Legion’s Preamble – to "preserve the memories and incidents of our associations in the Great Wars."