How was the location of Michigan Post 217 popular before it was even chartered?

According to Post 217 in Wyandotte's Centennial Celebration page: "The post sits within the Bishop City Park. This site was also once a stop for the Boblo Boat & Amusement Park." Boblo was located on an island on the Ontario side of the Detroit River, and was open from 1898 to 1993. Park-owned ferry boats would conduct pickups from different locations to the island.

"The park in which the post sits is a city-run public park. It was not ever owned or run by Boblo, but was a regular stopping point. The post home was built in the mid-1800s and was a boathouse and recreation center for the local chemical company. When the company closed, the building was given/taken over by the city of Wyandotte. In early 1919 when the post got its charter, the city saw a way to donate the building to its war veterans. It was placed on the city ballot for a vote to donate the building to wartime veterans and The American Legion."