NALPA news in the new year

I hope everyone had a great holiday and you’re enjoying the new year.  We snuck back to Minnesota before Christmas to spend time with the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, and to catch some hockey. 

As many of my friends leave for Florida to enjoy warmer temperatures during the winter months, they may see a traveling bear. Department of Florida Commander Steve Shuga, who has endured hurricanes and storm damages during his tenure, has a teddy bear that travels around the state (I’ve seen a lot of caretakers!) to draw attention to The American Legion, its programs and the department’s programs.

He also drives one of the most patriotic pickup trucks I have ever seen.  How do I know all of this? Facebook. And from Steve being a good friend.  Why am I discussing this?  To draw your attention to the social media media tracks that NALPA continues to foster – Facebook and Twitter.  The young, and not so young, populace now communicate via the digital means.  If you are not using social media to your, and The American Legion’s, advantage then you need to start now.

Membership.  Please take out your membership card and look at the expiration date.  If it doesn’t say 2018 or Life Member, you are not current.  We had quite a few members who had to scramble to get their membership updated to enter the Media Contest last year.  The same rule for the contest applies this year – you have to provide a copy of your membership card to enter the contest.  You can easily renew online at or send in the membership application found on page 6.

NALPA pins.  At the Washington Conference in February, there will be a NALPA table on the concourse level.  I will have NALPA pins with the new logo for sale.  The price for a pin is $5 in person and $7.50 via mail.  Postage rates have increased so unfortunately, there was a price increase for pins shipped.  If you are able to, purchase your pin(s) at the Washington Conference or National Convention to save money. 

Media Contest.  We are nearing this year’s Media Contest entry deadline (May 1) and it’s once again free thanks to sponsorship.  The contest rules and entry blank are located on page 4. Please use this blank as it denotes the no cost to enter.