Eight preparation tips for the annual D.C. conference

The American Legion’s Washington Conference is fast approaching, Feb. 25-28.  Are you preparing your department representatives for the trip?  

The following are eight tips to convey to them now:  

  1. Make an appointment with your state representative or senator prior to the conference. The sooner contact is made, the better your chances are of receiving an appointment.
  2. Tag your department and The American Legion National Headquarters in all social media channels. If the Legionnaires do not know how to do this, provide them with a tutorial. The National Headquarters Twitter feed is @americanlegionhq. Its Facebook page is www.facebook.com/americanlegionhq.  The hashtag to use on social media is #WashConf2018.  
  3. Tell your delegation the social media tags for your state representative or senator. 
  4. Get a picture with your representative or senator and post it on your social media channels, tagging everyone present in the photo as well as The American Legion.
  5. Visit www.capwiz.com/legion for the latest list of legislative action alerts and a comprehensive list of legislation concerning veterans.  When you visit the web page, you can send messages to your elected officials and sign up for legislative alerts to help take action on pending legislation. Include the information found on www.capwiz.com/legion on your department website and in your newsletters, and present it at post and district meetings.
  6. Know your questions before you go into conference meetings, especially when meeting with your respective state representative or senator. Have a plan of action and be concise, but effective.
  7. Determine what information about your department that you will leave behind with your representative or senator.
  8. Work with your Legionnaires on an overall Washington Conference plan of action for a successful trip.
Communication is key before, during and after the Washington Conference. Make the most of it.
A schedule of the Washington Conference can be viewed at www.legion.org/washingtonconference. Additionally, follow this web page for editorial coverage of the conference.