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Are you surprised that ‘steroids-era’ players were not voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Yes because some of the players passed over were the greatest of all time, regardless of steroid use.
8% (115 votes)
Yes because there is no proof that steroids gave them that great of an edge.
4% (50 votes)
I don’t care who makes it into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
10% (147 votes)
Steroids-era players should be inducted, with asterisks by their names.
8% (117 votes)
No because those who played in the steroids-era cheated and should not be recognized at all.
62% (874 votes)
Yes because baseball is the most historical of sports, and good or bad, the steroid-era is part of that history.
7% (105 votes)
Total votes: 1408


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