Bravo for Tango Alpha Lima

Just a year into its existence, The American Legion Tango Alpha Lima podcast has been ranked number two among podcasts for transitioning servicemembers.

The list was published April 21 by Clearance Jobs, an online resource for veterans and servicemembers.

In the published writeup it says, “This podcast is run by The American Legion and is a way to help you stay informed with the military community even after you leave. It also includes interviews with special guests covering topics of current events and rising stars within the veteran community.”

Check out the full list here.

 In this week’s episode, join the co-hosts for a rollicking episode of topics related to the veterans and military community. Among them:

 • Booze, a strip club and a major gone missing in Poland.  

 • A love letter to the Tango Alpha Lima podcast.

 • Recounting the heroic tale of an African-American sailor who saved his World War II shipmates from certain capture after their ship sunk near Guadalcanal in a shark-infested area.

 Download and listen to the new episode on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or view it on YouTube. You can find every episode on the podcast webpage for this week’s Tango Alpha Lima, as well as links to all the previous episodes.