Legion praises VA for removing medical center director in Washington

On April 13, The American Legion learned the Department of Veterans Affairs removed the director of the Washington, D.C., medical center following the release of an initial VA Inspector General report that cited exigent safety and patient welfare concerns. The American Legion applauds the whistleblower who courageously came forward with evidence that forced the launch of this investigation into a concerning lack of equipment and supplies.

American Legion National Commander Charles E. Schmidt praised VA Secretary David Shulkin for taking immediate and appropriate actions to relieve the medical center director from his position. “We believe this is a positive step in increasing accountability and we are hopeful that the new leadership will be able to resolve these issues quickly,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt added: “The American Legion will closely track the progress of this ongoing VA Inspector General investigation. America’s veterans deserve the best medical care in appreciation for their service to our nation. The 2.2 million members of The American Legion demand that President Trump and Secretary Shulkin hold those officials responsible for the gross mismanagement of this facility and accountable for their actions. Furthermore, we call on President Trump and Secretary Shulkin to ensure the safe and efficient management of all VA facilities and on Congress to properly fund the Department of Veterans Affairs so that the needs of our nation’s veterans can be fully addressed. The American Legion will be holding a town hall meeting with Washington, D.C., veterans and VA officials in the very near future.”