Riders joining William Shatner to raise awareness about American Legion

To celebrate the creation of Rivet, a never-before-seen vehicle created by William (Bill) Shatner and American Wrench, a cross-country ride from Chicago to Los Angeles via iconic Route 66 will take place beginning June 23. Bill will be joined by select members of The American Legion Riders and the team from American Wrench on this epic journey, designed to test the newly minted Rivet and raise awareness around The American Legion's services for veterans and their families.

The entire journey will be filmed for television broadcast at a later date.

You can be a part of this opportunity by designing a Mission for Bill and his fellow riders in your city/town. Where should he go? What should he do? The Mission for Bill should consist of the people, places and things you feel are the absolute, must-see experiences unique to your city/town.

The focus should be on the exciting, the unusual and the locally crafted. A Mission for Bill should be something only a local would know and a tourist would typically never experience.

Bill Shatner will choose his picks from suggested missions and they will be basis of the video footage collected for the produced television show.

American Legion posts in and around the following towns are urged to suggest a Mission for Bill. While the cities listed will serve as hubs for his adventures and the media, the ride is also interested in stopping at American Legion posts anywhere along the route if it provides interesting activities. Mission for Bill ideas should be in or around the following cities:

1. Chicago, IL

2. St. Louis, MO

3. Kansas City, KS

4. Oklahoma City, OK

5. Amarillo, TX

6. Albuquerque, NM

7. Flagstaff, AZ

8. Las Vegas, NV

9. Hollywood, CA

Once the route and missions are selected, additional communication will be provided so American Legion members can come out and experience the event in some way.

Fill out a questionnaire now and help design a Mission for Bill. Click here for the questionnaire.