New opportunities to support Legacy Fund in place

To donate to the Legacy Fund through this program now through Dec. 31, click here. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to riding with all of you next year.

With the coronavirus forcing social distancing and stay-at-home orders, all American Legion national events have been canceled throughout the summer. This includes what was going to be the 15th annual American Legion Legacy Run – the primary fundraiser for The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund. Through the efforts of the American Legion Family, spearheaded by the Legion Riders – five of the previous six Legacy Runs have raised more than $1 million for a fund that since 2004 has awarded $3.6 million in aid to 401 military children of the fallen and disabled.

In order to continue raising money for the Legacy Scholarship Fund during these times, The American Legion has created a tiered donation program to provide an alternative way for individual American Legion Family members to contribute to the fund. Donations start at $15, signifying the 15th year of the Legacy Run, and will entitle the donor to various souvenirs from this year’s altered Legacy Run, as has been the case for participants in and donors to previous rides. The tiered individual donation program is:

• Tier 1 - $15 – Donors receive a thank-you card signed by the national commander and American Legion Riders chairman.

• Tier 2 - $25 – Donors receive a 15th Anniversary challenge coin.

• Tier 3 - $50 – Donors receive a 15th Anniversary Ride t-shirt.

• Tier 4 - $75 – Donors receive a Legacy Run 15 years in review booklet, the ride’s main patch and a “Quarantined 2020 Riding in Spirit” rocker.

• Tier 5 - $250 – Donors receive all the above items.

Additionally, The American Legion maintains a reward program that recognizes $500 and above donations made by individuals, posts or departments. These donations are either sent in to national, presented at the national convention or donated at stop points on the Legacy Run. The reward structure for those donations are:

• The first $500 donor receives a plaque with a Legacy Run coin affixed within. The plaque has five coin slots for consecutive years.

• Each year after every $500 or more donated, another coin is awarded (minimum donation amount received for all 5 years is $2,500).

• When the plaque is filled with five coins, another plaque is awarded and the reward program starts over.




The American Legion offers a number of scholarships and other resources to assist young people in their pursuit of higher education. There are opportunities for everyone, including kin of wartime veterans and participants in Legion programs.

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