Record-setting Legacy Run produces record Facebook numbers in August

Record-setting Legacy Run produces record Facebook numbers in August

In August, The American Legion Legacy Run delivered a record $1,551,631 for The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund, blowing past the previous best fundraising total by more than $200,000.

The ride also produced another record: that for The American Legion’s Facebook metrics.

In August, the Legion’s Facebook reach hit 16.2 million – 10 million more than its previous best reach since we began tracking metrics. And a good portion of that came from coverage of the Legacy Run on the American Legion Riders National Facebook page.

Over the course of the ride, the Riders’ Facebook page reached more than 13 million Facebook users. The numbers came on the strength of the performance of videos shot via an iPhone as the ride passed by those covering it for the Legion’s Media & Communications Division.

The biggest performer was a video shot as the ride rode through Ohio on the way to Wellstone American Legion Post 371. That video alone reached more than 12.6 million Facebook users, resulted in 842,879 engagements, and was viewed more than 9.1 million times while being shared over 30,000 times.

Another video, shot in Indiana as the ride passed through Roanoke, reached 1.46 million users and was viewed more than 626,000 times.

The American Legion Baseball page also put together one of its best months ever while providing coverage of the regionals and The American Legion World Series. The page reached more than 403,000 users. Including 114,000-plus from a story linking to the championship game story on

Thanks to all who helped us achieve this milestone by viewing and then sharing with others what we provided in August while covering The American Legion World Series, the Legacy Run and the national convention.