Mississippi Legion Riders raise funds

American Legion Riders in Mississippi took to the highways June 13, riding into Jackson from four different directions to raise money for the Tupelo Children's Mansion, which provides shelter and support for abused children.

The Jackson Bike Run, organized by the state's Legion Riders, also supported the first Katelynn Stinnett Nation Memorial Ride; that same day, fundraising rides were held in every state. The national event is named for a 2-year-old girl who was raped and killed in Kentucky.

Money raised will also fund child-abuse awareness efforts. "These kids can't speak out for themselves, so we're trying to raise awareness in the eyes of the community," said Chuck Hinds, chairman of The American Legion Riders in Mississippi. "We're just carrying the torch for Katelynn here in Mississippi, and raising money for the Tupelo Children's Mansion, because they do a great job helping children who've suffered abuse."

Hinds said the Mississippi Legion Riders took on a key role in organizing the ride some time after planning had already begun. "Next year, American Legion Riders will plan the ride from the very beginning," Hinds said.

A video about the Jackson Bike Run and how it supports the welfare of abused children was produced by the Tupelo Children's Mansion Ministries.