We need your votes again

The American Legion Legacy Scholarship fund is competing for a $250,000 grant to be awarded by the Pepsi Beverage Company as part of its Refresh Everything Project this month. The winning charities are determined by the amount of votes received on the Refresh Everything Web site. The American Legion's Operation Comfort Warriors finished in first place during February's voting and has already been awarded the top grant of $250,000.

"I was very proud of those who supported us in February and enabled us to fund a program that directly supports our wounded heroes," National Commander Clarence Hill said. "Now it's time to come to the aid of another group of deserving people: those whose parents paid the ultimate price and sacrificed their lives while serving in our military during the war on terrorism. The American Legion Legacy Scholarship fund ensures that the children of these fallen heroes will be able to attend college and not have to worry about the rising cost of higher education. We can support the children of these heroes simply by voting every day throughout the month of May. The process will cost you nothing, but the reward can truly make a difference."

Cast your vote here.