White House visit culminates Legion scholars D.C. trip

White House visit culminates Legion scholars D.C. trip

The 10 Samsung American Legion Scholarship recipients of 2017 concluded their recognition trip in Washington, D.C., with a visit to the East Wing of the White House on June 7. It was the first time many of the scholars had been inside the home of America’s commander-in-chief.

The White House visit “definitely made this trip memorable. Especially since it’s sort of like the hallmark of D.C. with leadership, so it goes with the theme of why we’re here and it’s to be able to serve and to lead our communities,” said Claire Seibel of Roanoke, Va. “This visit stands out as one of the most memorable experiences of my time here.”

Krista Flinkstrom of Stow, Mass., who will be attending West Point this fall, said the ornateness of the White House “lived up to my expectations, if not exceeded them, with the chandeliers and china; I didn’t know each first lady has her own china.”

Flinkstrom added that between the White House visit and the tours of D.C.’s war memorials, she has been able to see “how wonderful our democratic state is, its history and getting to see veterans all makes you become more inspired and excited for our nation. Sometimes people just want to pigeonhole when it’s bad. Not that I was doing that, but this trip makes me more excited when I see that this is real, people are working hard, and they are working together. It’s inspiring.”

“It’s been a great two days meeting the other scholars, alumni and Legion staff,” said Jack Gardner of Vacaville, Calif. “It’s been nonstop, but everything we’ve done these past few days has been meaningful. It’s had a purpose.”