2020 American Legion Legacy Scholarship application is online
Elek Wellman shakes hands with National Committee on Youth Education Chairman Mike Westergren at the Legacy Run closing ceremony at Post 64. (Photo by Ben Mikesell)

2020 American Legion Legacy Scholarship application is online

Elek Wellman knew he wanted to pursue medicine after his dad was injured while serving in the military. Dan, who was hit by a mortar in Iraq, shared with Elek how great the doctors were.

Elek is now a second-year medical student at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and a graduate of Notre Dame. He is able to pursue medicine thanks to receiving The American Legion Legacy Scholarship in honor of his father’s military service.

The American Legion Legacy Scholarship is available for children whose parents lost their lives while honorably serving on active duty on or after 9/11, as well as for children of post-9/11 veterans with a combined VA disability rating of 50 percent or higher. The renewable scholarship will award up to $20,000 for the expense of graduate or post-graduate tuition, books, room and board, meal plans, and other supplies needed to achieve a higher education.

It is a needs-based scholarship; the grant amount each scholarship recipient will receive will be based on his or her financial need after all federal and state aid is exhausted. Recipients will have a year to use the grant and may reapply to the scholarship up to six times. The number of scholarships awarded and the amount of financial aid granted to each awardee (this includes returning applicants) will be determined on donations to the scholarship fund and one's financial needs.

The American Legion Legacy Scholarship application for 2020 is now online for new and returning applicants to fill out. The application deadline is April 15. Apply online at www.legion.org/scholarships/legacy.

Scholarship recipients are selected by The American Legion’s Committee on Youth Education during the organization’s annual Spring Meetings in May. All applicants, whether recipients of the Legacy Scholarship or not, will be notified immediately thereafter.