Deadline to apply for Legacy Scholarship is April 10
American Legion Legacy Scholarship recipient Reese Reiling who attends UMass Boston.

Deadline to apply for Legacy Scholarship is April 10

If you are the child of a parent who lost their life while honorably serving on active military duty on or after 9/11, or is a post-9/11 veteran with a combined VA disability rating of 50 percent or higher, you are eligible to apply for The American Legion Legacy Scholarship.

The 2024 American Legion Legacy Scholarship application is online. The application deadline is April 10.

Since the Legacy Scholarship's first grant in 2004, 825 military children of the fallen and disabled have received over $6.2 million in financial assistance for higher learning. The following are ways the scholarship has helped recipients:

“Receiving this scholarship over the course of my medical school career has truly been a life-changing opportunity for me. This scholarship helped me alleviate the financial stress that comes with the rigorous training required to become a doctor.”

“Thank you for awarding me with The American Legion Legacy Scholarship. It is a great privilege to be a recipient of your generosity, and I look forward to utilizing these funds in pursuit of my college education. Your help will allow me to pursue my dreams of becoming an officer of the CIA and for that I am extremely grateful.”

The Legacy Scholarship provides financial aid for graduate or post-graduate tuition, books, room and board, meal plans and other supplies needed to achieve a higher education. It is a needs-based scholarship – the grant amount each scholarship recipient will receive will be based on his or her financial need after all federal and state aid is exhausted. Recipients will have a year to use the grant and may reapply to The American Legion Legacy Scholarship up to six times.

The number of scholarships awarded and the amount of financial aid granted to each awardee (this includes returning applicants) will be determined on donations to the scholarship fund and one's financial needs.

For additional information about the scholarship and eligibility requirements, please learn more here

The 2024 American Legion Legacy Scholarship recipients will be selected by The American Legion’s Committee on Youth Education during the organization’s annual Spring Meetings in May.