4TROOPS earns $12,500 for Legacy Fund

4TROOPS earns $12,500 for Legacy Fund

On Nov. 29, the 4TROOPS – an official vocal group of The American Legion – took center stage on the popular TV game show “Don’t Forget the Lyrics,” featuring host Mark McGrath, lead singer of the band Sugar Ray. The group chose five hit songs from several categories, including genres, decades and musical artist, with a goal of remembering and singing the correct lyrics for a chance to win the top prize of $50,000, which goes to a charity of their choice.

Throughout the show, the 4TROOPS didn’t panic or miss a beat, even as pressure ran high from being in the spotlight where their lyrical knowledge and vocals were being tested and a large monetary sum was on the line.

The first four songs the 4TROOPS sang featured an eclectic mix of artists. They were: “Larger Than Life,” by Backstreet Boys; “I Like It, I Love It,” by Tim McGraw; “Apologize,” by OneRepublic; and “Once Bitten, Twice Shy,” by Great White. While they sang all four songs correctly, it was their chosen encore song, “This Love” by Maroon 5, that won the 4TROOPS $50,000.

The 4TROOPS winnings are being divided among their core charities, one of which is The American Legion. The group’s donation of $12,500 is going toward The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund, which ensures that children whose parents died on active military duty on or after Sept. 11, 2001, have the opportunity to attend college.

4TROOPS is a quartet of former Army soldiers that includes a top-20 finisher from NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” All four singers – David Clemo, Ron Henry, Meredith Melcher and Daniel Jens –are veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom.