Apply now for the Legacy Scholarship

Apply now for the Legacy Scholarship

The American Legion strives to be a supportive figure in each child’s future, especially those who have lost a parent in the war overseas. One of the many ways the Legion supports military children is through its Legacy Scholarship. The American Legion Legacy Scholarship ensures that the children of parents who died while on active-duty military service on or after Sept. 11, 2001, achieve their dream of attending college. This includes legally adopted children or children of a spouse by a prior marriage.

“The loss of a parent makes an incredible impact on a family, both financially and emotionally,” said Troutedale, Ore., resident Brandon Laureta, a scholarship recipient. “The American Legion makes it possible for the unfortunate families to continue to educate the children of a fallen soldier. I am honored to receive the scholarship and hope to be able to give back to the organization once my education is complete.”

Since its establishment in 2004, The American Legion Legacy Scholarship has awarded 58 scholarships, totaling $191,970. The renewable scholarship helps high school seniors preparing to attend college, or graduates working toward an undergraduate degree, with the expense of tuition, books, room and board, and other supplies needed for college.

“I was so thankful when I found out I received the scholarship because my father was the main supporter in our family, and I knew it would be hard for my mom to pay for college,” said Eva Marie Witt from Springfield, Ohio. “The (Legacy) Scholarship pays honor and tribute to my father, and I am just so thankful that I’ve been able to pay for my college and not have that extra worry and stress on top of everything I’m already dealing with.”

If you or someone you know is eligible to apply for the Legacy Scholarship, click here to download an application, which must be postmarked no later than April 15. For further questions regarding the scholarship, please contact the Americanism and Children & Youth Division at (317) 630-1203 or by e-mail,

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