Boy Scouts schedule live audio cast for Thursday
Eagle Scout Nathan Gjerstad and fellow Boy Scout Ben Boling from Bardstown, Ky., Methodist Church Troop 142 visit gravesite of Tommy Lincoln, the younger brother of President Abraham Lincoln. James V. Carroll

Boy Scouts schedule live audio cast for Thursday

Millions of America's youth are preparing for a special birthday on Feb. 8. On that day, the Boy Scouts of America will celebrate 100 years as an organization. Founded as an outlet to help every eligible youth in America become a participating citizen and leader, the Boy Scouts of America has more than fulfilled its mission.

To jump start its celebration, the Boy Scouts will bring together Scouting enthusiasts from all over for a nationwide 100th Anniversary Kick-Off Rally on Dec. 10. A live audio cast hopes to unite more than a quarter million scouting enthusiasts. The gathering will be the single largest of its kind in organization history.

The Boy Scouts of America is no stranger to Legionnaires. The American Legion is the oldest and largest supporter of Scouting among veterans organizations. The Boy Scouts of America became the first national youth activity officially recognized by The American Legion at its first national convention in 1919. Today, the Legion charters more than 2,700 Boy Scouts units, serving more than 72,000 youths.

For details about the rally and to RSVP, click on "100th Anniversary Kick-Off Rally". The site also includes a link to Dec. 10's audio cast.