Officer, firefighter of year nominees due

Nominations for The American Legion’s annual National Law Enforcement Officer of the Year and Firefighter of the Year awards must be mailed from departments by Feb. 1. Departments that plan to nominate their department-level winners of both awards must fill out and send applications for both, along with supporting narrative and documentation, to the Legion’s Washington office no later than the deadline for consideration for each award.

Each year, The American Legion honors civilian law enforcement officers and firefighters who have exceeded the duty requirements expected of their positions and have demonstrated a distinct pattern of community service coupled with professional achievement. The award, which especially takes into account heroic acts, is presented annually at the Legion’s national convention.

Departments are encouraged to accept nominations for the awards from fire and police departments within their states or regions. The departments’ Law and Order Committees should then select winners for each award and honor the recipients at their department conventions. Winners may then be submitted for consideration for the national awards.

Nominees for the National Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award must be U.S. citizens and living, active, full-time and paid, sworn law enforcement officers entrusted with full authority and the powers of arrest. Nominees for the Firefighter of the Year award must be active firefighters and U.S. citizens. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are eligible only if they are certified firefighters. Posthumous awards will be acceptable only if the nominee’s death has occurred after the department’s selection.

Winners are honored at the Legion’s annual national convention in August. The American Legion will provide the award winner and spouse with travel, hotel and other reasonable expenses for a round trip to the national convention city. Winners receive a letter of commendation signed by the national commander and a distinctive lapel pin noting the selection year.

Firefighter of the Year award applications can be found here.

National Law Enforcement of the Year award applications can be found here.