2020 National Security awards announced during Fall Meetings

American Legion National Security Commission Chairman Steven A. Brennan presented awards during the 2020 Fall Meetings of the National Executive Committee.

The American Legion Spirit of Service Award, Regional and National Law Enforcement Officers of the Year Award, and the Regional and National Firefighters of the Year Award recognizes servicemembers, law enforcement officers and firefighters who have selflessly distinguished themselves over and above their normal duties predominately through community service activities and professional achievement.

Recipients of the Spirit of Service Award for 2020 are:

Matthew J. Turley, U.S. Army

Jasmine L. Johnson, U.S. Navy

Justin T. Middlemiss, U.S. Marine Corps

Amy-Christy Amakihe, U.S. Air Force

Amanda Moore, U.S. Coast Guard

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award for 2020

National Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award winner is Robert Berg Jr. of Wisconsin.

Regional award winners are:

Northeast Region: Curt Andrick of Maine

Central Region: Jeffery S. Ginn of Michigan

Southern Region – Brandon Medina of North Carolina

Western Region – Bradley K. Walther of Oregon

Midwest Region – Robert Berg Jr., of Wisconsin

Firefighter of the Year Award for 2020

National Firefighter of the Year Award recipient is Ryan N. Berney of Nebraska.

Regional award winners are:

Central Region – Donald V. Fletcher of Maryland

Southern Region – Jeremiah Chisolm of Georgia

Western Region – Robert Gottbreht of Washington

Midwestern Region – Ryan N. Berney of Nebraska