American Legion calls for peace in Ukraine, issues stance on strategy
Structure in Kyiv hit by a missile fragment, Feb. 24.

American Legion calls for peace in Ukraine, issues stance on strategy

With two votes still waiting to be cast, a unanimous National Executive Committee of the nation’s largest veterans organization passed a formal statement today calling for “a peaceful conflict resolution in Ukraine,” and opposing combat operations for U.S. troops unless certain conditions are fulfilled.

“The American Legion was founded after World War I ravaged Europe,” American Legion National Commander Paul E. Dillard said. “We are extremely concerned about the horrific consequences that occur during war.  There is absolutely no justification for Russia’s aggression.  Our resolution calls for peace in Ukraine and, in conjunction with NATO and the Russian Federation, supports a European security architecture which considers the national security interests of all parties.”

According to Resolution 1: Statement on Ukraine, The American Legion will not support related U.S. combat operations unless the president clearly explains why such operations are in “our vital national interests” and mission guidelines are established to include a clear exit strategy. The resolution also states that the organization’s support for such a mission be contingent on congressional authorization for the use of military force and that American forces be commanded only by U.S. officers.

The resolution also makes clear that the organization would not support combat deployments of U.S. troops “in defense of non-NATO member countries,” because of Russia’s actions.

“We agree with the White House’s decision to not send troops to Ukraine, as we continue to support a strong national defense and a strategy of vigilance,” Dillard added. “This resolution once again reaffirms our unwavering support for our men and women in uniform and our efforts to ensure their well-being. The American Legion is always here to assist veterans in crisis.”