Seehafer calls on Senate to fill military vacancies

Seehafer calls on Senate to fill military vacancies

American Legion National Commander Daniel J. Seehafer issued a letter Nov. 8 to the leaders of the U.S. Senate calling for the confirmation of nominees to hundreds of vacant key military positions.

The letter, sent to U.S. Sens. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., reads as follows:

“On behalf of our 1.6 million dues-paying members, The American Legion respectfully requests your timely attention to the hundreds of U.S. military vacancies awaiting confirmation. Your leadership and the resolve of your conferences to come together and end this blockade is vital to American national security and to preserving the lives of our men and women in uniform. Failure to find a bipartisan solution to the continued political chess risks the lives of our servicemembers and the safety of our nation.

“Since 1919, The American Legion has emphasized the importance of a strong national defense. A well-funded, well-equipped, and well-trained military plays a vital role in safeguarding the principles our nation holds dear. As U.S. troops are targeted in the Middle East and global tensions are on the rise, it is imperative leadership vacancies within our military are filled now! Our allies and adversaries are watching closely; inaction risks innumerable consequences.

“The personal toll of confirmation purgatory extends far beyond uniformed candidates with uncertain promotions. U.S. servicemembers may pay the ultimate price if the perception of chaos continues to create opportunity for our adversaries. As we’ve seen in the past month alone, the Pentagon has reported more than 38 attacks against U.S. troops in the Middle East. While politicians continue to play games and use our servicemembers as pawns, their lives remain in harm’s way and could be left paying the ultimate price.

“The American Legion urges both conferences to come together to end the inaction holding our armed forces hostage. Your leadership is vital to protect our servicemembers, national security and our country.”