Ask a service officer: PTSD treatment options

Q. Are there PTSD treatment options at my local VA?

A. Every VA facility has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) specialists and programs to provide treatment for veterans who suffer from the invisible wound of war. VA PTSD treatment services are available for veterans who:

  • Completed active military service in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard (or Merchant Marines during WWII).
  • Were discharged under other than dishonorable conditions.
  • Were National Guard members or reservists who completed a federal deployment to a combat zone.

VA PTSD services offered include education, evaluation and treatment, as well as outpatient and inpatient care. Outpatient PTSD care can be provided by a specialist or in one of the following outpatient PTSD programs: 

  • PTSD clinical teams
  • Substance use PTSD teams  
  • Women’s stress disorder teams  
  • Day hospitals

Specialized Intensive PTSD Programs (SIPPs) provide PTSD treatment services in an inpatient or residential setting. SIPPs include:

  • Evaluation and brief PTSD treatment units  
  • PTSD residential rehabilitation treatment programs and PTSD domiciliary programs  
  • Specialized inpatient PTSD units    
  • Women’s trauma recovery programs 

SIPPs also provide treatment to address other veterans’ needs such as employment, housing and recreation. Some SIPPs offer services for veterans who experienced military sexual trauma, have a substance use disorder, and more. The intensive PTSD programs include evaluation, case management in 24-hour therapeutic settings and psychotherapy treatment that is individualized to meet the needs of the veteran.

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