'Commitment, Communication and Recognition'

Well, the year is winding down and with many travels under my belt, I can say the Central Region is doing and has done an outstanding job of promoting Commander Roberts’ goals of “Commitment, Communication and Recognition.” We are not done yet, and we still have time to push ahead and make this year even better.

Commander Roberts wanted to see us achieve a 90 percent renewal rate nationally, and we still can make this happen. If each of us gets a membership roster of those unpaid in our area and calls at least one person to get them to renew, imagine how many members we could obtain and how many people we would have to assist our veterans and children. I have observed that most of the time it’s not the money that causes members to drop out of our family, it’s that we have not shown them the purpose or value of being a member. We need to get each person involved no matter the age and keep them involved. We need to show them the value of being a part of our family and what their membership means to our veterans. I know that some of the detachments are already trying this, but I am challenging the rest to push for the 90 percent renewal rate goal. I would love to shake the hand of every member during National Convention who has assisted their detachment with recruiting and renewing members.

Finally, I want to thank each detachment for the honor of allowing me to serve as your national vice commander, and I hope that keeping everyone informed has assisted them with their duties.

Thank you,

John Sansoucie

National Vice Commander